Choices 1g Disposable ( Dual Flavored, 2 flavors in 1 device )


$19 per / 1 +
$17 per / 10 +
$15.50 per / 50 +
$15 per / 100 +
$14 per / 500 +
$13 per / 1k +



Authentic choices 1g cart

Testing 80-90% THC Authentic choices 1g cart

Fixings: Fractionally Distilled Cannabis Oil, Natural Plant Terpenes

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Decisions THC Vape Cart, Various Flavors – 2 x 0.5g trucks for each pack.

Decisions multi-pack trucks 85% THC Potency are new at CALI EXOTIC WEED and are the absolute best THC trucks that we have gone over yet.

All Choices trucks accompany two 0.5g trucks for each pack, with standard 510 string batteries and in an assortment of new ‘n’ fruity flavors. Purchase Authentic choices 1g cart

Decisions Vape Cartridges Online

All Choices Authentic choices 1g cart come loaded up with the best 97% triple refined California THC and all normal plant inferred terpenes for a solid and new flavor. We add NO MCT oil or pesticides or some other substances to our THC separated from 12% plant determined natural terpenes (which we additionally sell on the site).

This is a characteristic plant-based substance that will give every Choices THC cartridge its flavor and smell.

No Polyethylene, No Glycol, No Glycerin. Purchase Choices Vape Cart

These Buy Choices Vape Carts are 100% ORIGINAL and SAFE! So that is 88% of triple refined THC to 12% Organic Terpenes blend, that is it!!