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push disposable weed pen .If you’re a cannabis user who tends to experience paranoia or anxiety when using regular Push carts vape  cartridges, then the good news is that the push vape cart is perfect for you! This is because when using a push carts vape, you’ll find that the high is more soothing and relaxing

. In fact, those who use this product regularly report feeling a lot more clear-headed and focused when compared to using other vape cartridges. The process involved in vaping is a little more complex.

The concept is simple; A rechargeable battery is used to heat the atomizer, converting the THC oil present in a vape cartridge to a vapor that its user inhales. So next time you are at your local dispensaries make sure you check out this product.

The good news is that the push carts vape does indeed get you high. But, as we mentioned above, the high is a lot less intense than the traditional THC. Its been reported that a user may begin to feel the effects of the push carts vape within 2-3 minutes after using a THC vape cart. However, the onset of a high can vary depending on what THC product you use. So, the next time you’re at your local dispensary make sure you check out this product

That being said, the THC seen in this products are actually synthesized from another well-known cannabinoid, CBD, which is derived from hemp. As such, the THC found in push vape carts vape comes from Indica plants and not Sativa.

These carts has a variety of products available for smoking and vaping. They sell flower and strain specific or blended vape cartridges. Like their aesthetics suggests, makes their vape cartridges with simplicity in mind. They fill their cartridges with premium quality oil from sourced greenhouse flower.

They are inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean that they are cheap in quality. Push is a California native, their farmers growing their flower in Humboldt county. Their products are widely available all throughout California and Nevada at really low prices. Due to the overall great value and product from Push , they made our best THC carts list for California and Nevada.

For this review, we cover both the push Cosmic Indica cartridge from California and the Blue Dream Sativa cartridge from Nevada.


  • Premium quality oil
  • Really good flavor
  • Very smooth hits
  • One of the cheapest brands on the market
  • No fillers or artificial flavoring of any kind

The cartridges have a simple and sturdy design

The body of the PUSH carts has a solid design. The chamber was thick and strong, the mouthpiece was a firm and black see-through mouthpiece. Both the chamber and mouthpiece were plastic and the chamber had the PUSH logo on it. It also had the California cannabis warning sticker on it and that kind of threw the whole aesthetic out the window.

Push carts oil seemed to be a really good quality

The oil in the push Cosmic Indica cartridge was a very nice clear brown color. It has a good thickness to it and it isn’t runny. I couldn’t find too much information about the oil online so I couldn’t say whether or not these cartridges were distilled or purified in any way. Either way the oil seemed very good to me in both color and smell.

Potency limited the amount of puffs needed to get high, which made push carts last a good while

The cartridge burns probably just as fast as an average CCELL, but the potency got me high with minimal hits. Not having to vape often to keep my high going helped extend the oil within the cartridge. This cartridge will probably last me for a couple of weeks.